14 January, 2008

The jp´s gloves finished!!!

jp_gloves2, originalmente cargada por martha_donaji.

At last, here they are, jp´s it`s modelling them, look at the picture, they fit!

After 3 months of knitting, destroying, knitting, etc... I can say they are finished, well, now I can start with my "perfect purse" of lanaknits in hemp, it´s a stranded project (fairisle) so let´s see how it works.

09 January, 2008

jp's gloves almost finished 1

jp's gloves almost finished 1, originalmente cargada por martha_donaji.

Ok, i've been working on this for nearly 2 months, i ripped them 2 times at least because they were not the right size, but here they are, almost finished!!

My very first post!!!

Ok, this is my first post ever, i don't know how constant i'm going a be, but i'll try to be constant. this is going a be a very hard year for me, things are not working out, so let's see.